About Empire United

At Empire United, we try to bring together teachers that strive for a positive innovation at the schools around the world. We believe that the level of teaching has decreased significantly during the recent years, both in the Middle East and rest of the world.

Instead of trying to offer the solutions directly, we just present an open-discussion space to teachers and principals, so they can present their ideas on how to improve the current state of teaching in the world. Empire United also organizes webinars, and live events, where problems are discussed in real time, and experiences shared.


Founder of Empire United

Arash, still actively teaching mathematics at two local Universities, started the initiative at the end of 2016. With the help of time row analysis, he came to a conclusion that the level of knowledge of average youngster has decreased significantly during the last decades, especially if we talk about practical knowledge, and ability to adapt. Arash tries to understand why it has happened, and what steps can we take to reverse the trend. Empire United should serve as a thinking board for teachers and school administrators, a space for creative thinkers to share their idea on the improvement of current education, as well as positive stories.

In his free time Arash loves to read, analyze all kind of stuff, and eat healthy foods. He doesn’t smoke or drink, trying to keep both his body and mind clear.