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Essay Lifehacks

In this short article you will get lifehacks which will help in writing essays. If you use the information provided here, the results will develop quickly and the quality of your work will become better.


The best way to be successful in writing essays is reading. Just start reading! Don’t be afraid, your purpose is not to read all books completely. Firstly, find a list of the most relevant books in Google. Than choose ones which seems interesting and read them. Don’t waste your time-reading books fully will not help, in the best way you will remember half of it, but more often our brains keep only 30% of all what we read. So to save your precious time find quick review of this book and read it. Than open page of the book which looks like sapid and try to find out what is the reason of the situation which is described there? Is the behavior of actors gentle? Maybe another author told about this situation more attractively? After creating 2-3 arguments, leave the best one and continue in this way, opening new authors and books.

Also don’t forget to write quotes, if you make it a routine you will see how the life and marks can change.

Answer the questions

To write really good essays first of all you need to understand the question. Sometimes they are pretty easy, but different things happen and you need to be ready for the most difficult question in question. Try to start from explaining the definition of terms about which you will write, but please, do it in an interesting way using your personal opinion. Additionally, remember that you can compare things between each other if you have good arguments.


Before expressing your opinion on paper create a plan. Recollect rules which you learnt in school, don’t think that they’re useless. And always keep the question in your mind not to forget the topic and write some extra points.


Remember, conclusion leave the impression about all what you wrote, so make it perfect. Repeat all your essay quickly in the end and add your final answer on the question.

Okay, you have just read a big piece of useful information. Well done, but don’t think that only theory will develop your skills. If you really want to succeed in writing essays read the article again and start practicing now. It’s your choice, good luck.