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Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay –  not such simple, as it seems.

In this article I want to give you some special advices and tips, which can help you to succeed in undergraduate essay writing.

You can follow my advices and receive quite good results. You can also ignore it and keep on writing your essays badly.

Follow or not – it is only your choice. I don’t force. But when someone, except you, will notice that your essay is(to put it mildly) not as good as he or she expected – than without offences, I warned ☺

For exceedingly lazy:

  1. Find some relevant books, quotes, articles or other sources in Google/Wikipedia. Read and write them down .
  2. Skim sections for relevant quotes.
  3. Write them down.
  4. Think it over, put your arguments and essay together.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve done your essay.

Of course, we won’t end with it. Don’t be lazy!

  • Reading

You don’t need to read books completely. You have to find additional headlines, write down relevant quotes with page numbers. You have to read fast and critically.

Necessarily make notes on everything you read.

  • Structure
  1. Tell everything you are going to say in the beginning and don’t bring something new in the conclusion.

Start with the central object or problem of your essay. The main topic must be clear.

  1. Than think about your arguments and proves. How can you defend against counter-questions or objections? Ideally, you need to represent different points.
  2. Recall your proves in the conclusion. Readers have terrible memory. In other words – you may repeat your intro again, but in other words.
  3.  Bring together all of the things you’ve proved.
  • General tips
  1. Re-read the essay  and make sure your proves  are still meaningful.
  2. Leave the essay for a few days. Read again. Besides grammatical errors, are there errors in your arguments? If so rewrite them.
  3. If you have a week to write an essay, then in the first three days read and write down the necessary materials, highlight the most important moments and write the essay in one day. The next day, re-read and correct if necessary.

Don’t be frustrated if you can’t invent something completely new. Transform old ideas into new arguments. And you’ll succeed.