How to write an essay?

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So, you`ve got an assignment to write an essay until tomorrow morning and you still have no idea where to begin? Don`t be sad. Actually, only a few of us can boast about possessing the gift of eloquent speech. At least inbred one. But there is a hope for the rest of us, those who struggle hard to express their thoughts, opinion or ideas in a smart, understandable and smooth way. Below you`ll find some simple yet useful tips on how to make this sometimes exhausting task a lot easier and fun.

The first thing to be done is to make a research. Of course, it will take some time, but it worth it, you`ll see. For that matter use all sources you can get (such as Wikipedia, your lecture notes, books, articles, etc.). And don`t hesitate to ask your teachers for references, or reading list. While reading, extract pieces of information that would come in handy in your essay. Also, make sure you got the right idea of what the main theme of an essay. Keep an eye on words used in it, such as “compare”, “contrast”, “analyze”, etc. That will show you the way your essay must be built.

Secondly – make a plan. This skeleton helps to form your essay logically, to not miss important details and stay stick to the point.

Introduction – is the first component of an essay that has to declare a central affirmation of essay and make it clear your attitude to it.

The second and usually the biggest part of an essay is a body. It must contain your arguments – main ideas, which defense your point of view. Make it simple – three to five main arguments do just fine for an essay. Evolve each argument with info that you have found previously and compose it in a form of answers on basic questions (like why your opinion is right, is there anyone famous, who agrees with your statement, were there any researches, which support it, etc.).

Conclusions – is the final section of an essay. In this part you remind all your proofs, summarize your point of view and show the relevance of your arguments on society or specific sphere of influence. To succeed, avoid the major mistake and do not include new statements in this part of an essay.

After finishing your essay reread it from the very beginning and make certain that all paragraphs flow naturally from one another and there are no mistakes in it.

Follow this few uncomplicated steps, make a little effort and you`ll achieve your goal.