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Online Platform for the biggest teaching challenges

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All of us face some challenges while teaching–it’s no easy job anymore. Hand on heart, haven’t you encountered at least two of those during your lessons?

  • Little interest in traditional subjects
  • Students not respecting the rules
  • Obese children
  • Worsening level of communication skills
  • New forms of addiction, such as social media addiction or smart phone addiction
  • etc. etc.

Some challenges differ from country to country, but some are encountered by the teachers all around the world. Each teacher tries to use their own methods of tackle the challenges. Some are more successful than others, that’s for sure. And though we are those who should ‘teach’, we should not forget that a clever teacher never stops learning. Why not to share our experiences with the others?


An online platform for teachers

In Empire United, we consider staring an online forum, designed especially for teachers. The registration will be free and anonymous. Discussing people won’t have to be afraid to share their opinions and even the most extraordinary methods of tackling the common teaching challenges.

Moderators, from the team of Empire United, will ensure the board is spam free, and people don’t use it for the promotion of their products or services (which, regretfully, happens to many forums).


Your ideas are welcome

We are just still in the process of planning the platform, trying to design the optimal format. Please feel free to send us your feedback on the idea, and which sections you’d like to see in the forum. Also, if you have any experience with moderating comments or discussion, you can apply for a position in moderation board.

Starting a forum is not a little investment, and needs to be planned properly. In any other case, if you don’t have the strategy on growing the forum and attracting quality teachers to it, you gonna fail with the project. Therefore, we will be really glad to get any feedback form your side, so we are able to design the platform you’ll enjoy visiting.



Teachers around the world should not compete. Oppositely, we should cooperate, trying to find ways of improving the education in general, with a higher goal in mind: helping to change to future to better by raising a new generation of leaders, who prefer to build bridges instead of fences…. Thank you for helping us making it possible!