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Recruiting both teachers and students differently

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Many people complain that the level of educational institutions has dropped significantly in the recent years. Nowadays, everyone can get a degree, which basically means that a degree loses the value it used to have.

But what does it exactly mean that the educational institutions dropped their level? Each institutions (whether commercial or non-profit) consists of people. The administrators, the teachers, and of course the students. If you are leading an educational institution, you can actually influence each of the three.

Hiring right assistant principals and teachers

Similarly to the typical educational system, the recruitment of teachers seems to be outdated. Most principals just check the diploma and references, talking with the candidates informally for thirty minutes before offering them a job. What’s even worse, nepotism found the way to many workplaces. If you are a friend or a relative of one of the school directors, you’re going to get a job. Needless to say, if we pursue recruiting teachers in the way we have been pursuing it the last ten years, we can’t hope for better times.

We need to plan and structure our interviews. We need to know exactly what we are looking for in a teacher (assistant principal), and design a list of questions and tests that should help us uncover whether the candidate fulfill these requirements or not. Take a look at teacher interview questions to get some inspiration about how to interview teachers for the job.


Make your institution attractive

If you want to hire some perspective members for your team, you need to attract them. Way too many private educational institutions look for good teachers, and they can always beat your salary offer (unless you are private as well). Having said that, you can still attract the good teachers (or even the best one) to apply for a job at your school. How can you do it?

  • Give them more freedom. Show them that you’ll make a room for their creative ideas.
  • Create an environment where they’ll feel good. School employees share the same staff room and spend a lot of time together in general. If you manage to build a good collective of people that help each other and share the common ideas of quality education, you can easily win an interest of young talented teachers.


Hiring better students–or making them better

The situation with students is pretty similar. In order to attract the best talent, try to make your school stand out. Introduce practical subjects that only your school teaches, bring in people from real business (/healthcare/IT/law/….) environment, to teach occasionally together with the academics.

Simply, make the students believe that studying at your school will bring something special to their lives.


Time to bring professionalism back to schools

First and foremost, we are teachers and education administrators. We are neither HR experts, nor marketers. Therefor, if you struggle to come up with a good marketing for your school, or an interview template that will help you to attract and select some of the best job candidates out there, don’t hesitate to use expert help. You do not necessarily need hiring an HR professional, or another person. You can just use them as consultants, so they help you preparing the interview and assessing the candidates.

One way or another, it’s your school. Try your best to make it better!