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Reading more books

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For one reason or another, students do not read as often as they used to do. Well, we still read, but WHAT do we read has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

Just ten years ago, before the first smartphone has been invented, people did not have such an easy access to information. Now, there is always something to read, to hear, to see. Always and everywhere. An immerse multitude of information is presented in front of us, in the form of Facebook messages, notification, statuses, and other things. The problem is the following:

  • These short pieces of information have no value indeed, and won’t result in any positive development of the reader.
  • Reading them actually makes no sense, so we can wonder (and try to find out) why so many people spend the significant portion of their time checking them.


Reading books teaches us many important skills

Reading books isn’t only about getting involved in the story, or about amusing ourselves when we feel boring. Books actually help us in many other areas, including (but not limited to) the following :

  • Reading real books improves our communication skills. Facebook and internet are full of short messages, and lack any substantial vocabulary, or syntax. Books, on the other hand, present us with a variety of styles and sentence construction, and typically include vocabulary we didn’t even know before reading the book.
  • Life lessons to be learned. Many books present us a real life inspirational story, or a life changing experience. Books are full of destinies of people who opted for all kinds of journeys in their lives, and they can inspire young people to seek their own mission of life, or even directly present them one. The heroes of the books can serve as perfect role models for them, people they can identify with and follow.
  • Helping to get rid of prejudice, finding peace. Nowadays people like to divide themselves into groups, competing for their place in the spotlight. Books often help to ruin the prejudice, and gain better understanding of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

How to make reading more attractive

Teachers may object that children just aren’t interested in reading. But we at Empire United may also object that teachers do not motivate their pupils enough to read. Reading should form an internal part of classes, and students should be presented with titles that are close to their heart. Titles for teenagers, or books that narrate fascinating real life stories. Teachers can read the books directly in classes, and after reading a chapter start a discussion with the students.

Currently used obligatory reading lists are full of outdated pieces of art, that bare no relevance to the young generation. Forcing them to read such books just builds blocks and barriers within them–soon enough they start hating books, and won’t read anything for the rest of their lives. Only stupid Facebook statutes and Yahoo news…..



Students do not read books anymore, and forcing them to read titles that bare no relevance to their lives won’t help the situation. Teachers need to look for new books, new kinds of titles with positive role models, and introduce their pupils into the beauty of reading. The reward will come in terms of improved emotional intelligence, vocabulary, and communication skills. Everyone at school will benefit from reading more….